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The Fairytale of Luna

How a Small Pony Became Big

Learn two or three languages from one book

Scientific research proves that early learning of foreign languages stimulates brain functions in children and has many positive effects. Children who learn foreign languages:

  • gain a wider view of the world,
  • better understand and accept other cultures and diversity,
  • develop the ability to learn other new languages more easily,
  • establish a long-term competitive advantage for higher education and careers.


Much more than a fairytale !


The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA contains:

  • a fairytale,
  • a Trilingual Picture Dictionary,
  • didactic material,
  • a board game.

The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA makes learning languages FUN, CREATIVE and MAGICAL.

A book that offers endless hours of fun

Children will be having fun with:

  • the description of ponies and Arabian horses ,
  • the tasks and questions ,
  • making the puppet of Luna,
  • learning about the moon and the stars ,
  • the active learning questions ,
  • following the guidelines for creating different artwork .

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Innovation in the field of early language learning

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The book given the GOLDEN INNOVATION AWARD of The Slovenian Business and Research Association will:

  • enable your children to learn languages via games,
  • positively affect your child's linguistic and cognitive development ,
  • be suitable for a longer period of childhood – from 2 to 10 years of age ,
  • help readers with dyslexia read more fluently.

The Fairytale of Luna is also available as a mobile application!

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