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Would you like a successful and happy child?

We have a solution – early language learning stimulates the creation of new connections in children’s’ brains! With our multilingual books your child will become:

  • more successful in school,
  • more communicative,
  • more open-minded,
  • smarter!

Positive effects of early language learning are scientifically proven.


Much more than a book about dogs


The book MY DOG contains:

  • a fairytale in rhymes,
  • 30 colorful and humorous illustrations ,
  • a board game,
  • a Slovenian supplement for easier language learning.

The book MY DOG makes learning languages FUN, REATIVE and MAGICAL.

A book that enables endless hours of fun

Children will be having fun with:

  • connecting the words in different languages,
  • parallel use of the Slovenian supplement and the book,
  • admiring the adorable illustrations,
  • playing the board game.

The book MY DOG is suitable for the first introduction to letters and for learning to read . The book is dyslexia friendly.


Innovation in the field of early language learning


The book enables learning languages on:

  • the level of words – words with the same meaning in different languages are colored ,
  • the sentence level – the texts are written in six world languages,
  • the fairytale level – understanding and connecting between languages in the paragraphs .
  • You will love the books for their illustrations and the words that reach into the heart of every animal person.

Order the book MY DOG today!

A book that explains to children why dogs are our best friends



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