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Making the puppet of Luna

In the book The Fairytale of Luna, on page 41 you can find a template to make your own toy or puppet Luna. We have prepared detailed step-by-step instructions with colour photographs to help you to create the soft toy of Luna in fleece. You can use other materials as well, e.g. cardboard or paper. Release your imagination!

What you will need


  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Black fleece, 40 cm x 30 cm
  • White fleece
  • Black wool
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Red embroidery thread for mouth
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Pins
  • Two safety eyes
  • Polyester stuffing for filling

Turn to page 41 of the book.


Use a pencil to trace the image of Luna from the template.


Carefully cut out the image on the tracing paper.


Position the paper template on the fleece, then use a chalk pencil to draw around the pattern, or fix the paper on the fabric with pins. From the fleece fabric cut out the image twice. If you are more experienced in the craft you can fold the fleece fabric in half and obtain the two ‘sides’ of Luna by cutting the image once.


Place one side over the other and pin them together.


Use the fleece fabric /cut the fleece in strips to make the tail as shown on the picture. The total length of the tail to be 10 - 12 cm. Hold one end of the strips together and tie a knot for the root of the tail.


MOUTH: Work the mouth on both sides with backstitch using two strands of red thread. Several stitches of some 0.5 cm in length will do. Make Luna smile.

BODY and TAIL: Stitch together the two sides of the toy, embroidering them with black thread or wool.

1. Leave the tail edge open for about 1 cm, to tack the tail root inside the toy.

2. Leave the tummy edge open, so you can stuff the toy with polyester filling.

FILLING: Use the polyester filling to stuff the toy. Pay attention to the legs. These should be tightly filled. Use the handle of a wooden spoon to push the stuffing into place. After having stuffed the legs, head, neck and body stitch together the two sides of the tummy. Before finishing add some more filling to make the toy even stiffer.

WHITE PATCHES AND DOTS: From white fleece cut out the patch for Luna’s forehead as well as dots of different in size, for the spots on her back. Use fabric glue to stick the white patch on Luna’s forehead, above the mouth and between the eyes. Stick the dots on the back at random. The number of dots is left to your choice. Our Luna has 38 spots in total. You can glue the fleece dots on one side of Luna’s back only, and stick shiny sequins on the other to make the magic Luna. (For older children, who will not pull or chew them off.)

MANE: Make the mane from black wool as long as you wish. Sew the mane onto the withers (from the ears to the beginning of the back). You can sew several thread loops fixing them on crest, and eventually trim them if you find it more suitable.

TAIL: You can add black wool thread to enrich the tail. Sew together the opening for the tail root, so that it stays fixed.

EYES: You finish the toy of Luna by sticking the "eyes".


Once you have finished your craftwork, Luna will look somewhat like on the picture below. Congratulations!





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