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Kids and dogs - Raising Puppies & Kids Together

Created 20. Feb 2018
Book Raising Puppies And Kids Together 1

The relationship between kids and puppies can grow into a wonderful friendship. But quite often the relationship can become troublesome or even dangerous. That is why it is essential to educate your children how to behave with a dog and to train your dog good manners. And it is best to start as soon as the new dog comes into the household. This is why I present you a great book on raising puppies and kids together, that came handy in our home as well. Although I have had dogs for 20 years now...

Puppies And Kids

Book Raising Puppies And Kids Together 1

In case the proper guidelines and rules are not applied, most likely a new family member takes you to new problems. That’s why adding a dog in your family requires a preparation and effort in raising a puppy and education children as well.

Book Raising Puppies And Kids Together 1

In the book Raising Puppies & Kids Together you will find important rules that children need to follow when a puppy comes into a new home. You will learn how to socialize your puppy and will get insights on the training methods for raising a polite and well-mannered dog. You will also discover how your child should behave in order not to be misinterpreted by the dog. The book has many pictures of various situations arising between children and dogs. This makes the book appropriate also for children to peek into and understand better what their parents are teaching them about behaving around a puppy or a dog.

This book will help you maintain a happy, sane and healthy household while raising kids and dogs together. If you have a kid/kids and plan to get a puppy Raising Puppies & Kids Together is a great read that will save you some gray hairs for sure!

Check out the multilingual book MY DOG, which teaches children why are dogs our best friends! And children will be introduced to the world of foreign languages as well!

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Mojca writes the blog on things she lives for: raising children, learning foreign languages, dogs, start-up and good books... things Mojca is really passionate about.


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