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The Fairytale of Luna

How a Small Pony Became Big

Would you like a successful and happy child?

We have a solution – early language learning stimulates the creation of new connections in children’s’ brains! With our multilingual books your child will become:

  • more successful in school,
  • more communicative,
  • more open-minded,
  • smarter!

Positive effects of early language learning are scientifically proven.


Much more than a fairytale !


The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA contains:

  • a fairytale,
  • a Trilingual Picture Dictionary,
  • didactic material,
  • a board game.

The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA makes learning languages FUN, CREATIVE and MAGICAL.

A book that offers endless hours of fun

Children will be having fun with:

  • the description of ponies and Arabian horses ,
  • the tasks and questions ,
  • making the puppet of Luna,
  • learning about the moon and the stars ,
  • the active learning questions ,
  • following the guidelines for creating different artwork .

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Innovation in the field of early language learning

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The book given the GOLDEN INNOVATION AWARD of The Slovenian Business and Research Association will:

  • enable your children to learn languages via games,
  • positively affect your child's linguistic and cognitive development ,
  • be suitable for a longer period of childhood – from 2 to 10 years of age ,
  • help readers with dyslexia read more fluently.

The Fairytale of Luna is also available as a mobile application!

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