Praznujemo SVETOVNI DAN OTROŠKE KNJIGE - za nakup knjige ALOHA KAIMANA in podarimo ti knjigo MY DOG v vrednosti 14,99 EUR. Velja do 30.4.2020

The Fairytale of Luna app


  • High educational value
  • Entertaining and interactive app
  • Narrated in 7 languages
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Our app takes you into the world of languages with a beautiful fairytale. The small pony Luna wishes to become big. On the way of making her ardent wish come true Luna discovers who she really is and gets magical powers. With the amazing animations, interactive effects and audios in multiple languages you will enjoy this app and learn at the same time. With MINI POLIGLOTINI fairytales into the world of languages.


  • multilingual content
  • kid-friendly
  • interactive content
  • charming fairytale
  • adorable illustrations
  • outstanding animations
  • narrated by native speakers
  • no advertising!

Built for children 2-10 years old, but loved and used by all the family members.

The first MULTILINGUAL fairytale app that will blow your mind. A perfect combination of early language learning and having fun!

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