Praznujemo SVETOVNI DAN OTROŠKE KNJIGE - za nakup knjige ALOHA KAIMANA in podarimo ti knjigo MY DOG v vrednosti 14,99 EUR. Velja do 30.4.2020

Opinions about the book

Alja Furlan, writer

"Very thoughtful and carefully upgraded in a way that the book and the languages can come alive with children and really show them the way towards playful education."

Bukla magazine

"The fairytale does impress the youngest children with its simplicity and sentient illustrations. Slightly older children and their parents will be able to recognize in it the instructive message. The book that is truly worth having!"

Trilingual Mama

"My children fell in love with the book and have had such fun flipping through the pages and even playing the game found at the back of the book. My three-year-old son Rémy has also enjoyed listening to the story using the app..."
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Hanna Cheda

"What I liked best about The Fairytale of Luna is that unlike many apps available in the market, this one enables children to learn and use new words in context; children listen to the story of the little pony and they need to find or count certain animals. Simple commands like “pat Luna on her back” or “count three butterflies” teach children the whole language structures. I think it’s much better for language learning than isolated words like in most apps..."
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Mother of 4-year-old Lara and 8-year-old Miha

"My daughter read the book herself and had fun with the letters and the NINI’s game. She liked that the book also contains Italian language, in which she has not been in contact yet, but wants to learn. She told me again that she will become a veterinarian when she grows up. I highly recommend!"

Father of 5-year-old Svit

"Our son loved the book very much. It's very well structured, so that the child can use it at least in three different periods of growing up. This way the book will be actual for few years."

Mother of 1.5-year-old Albina

"The Fairytale of Luna is the best book my daughter has in her library by now. The book is structured very well and it has amazing illustrations. The guidelines how to use the book and the additional questions and games for children represent significant added value for both the parents and the children, which broaden their imagination."

Mother of 4-year-old David

"I find the book to be great, because it is three lingual ​​and is suitable for teaching the child other languages. I like that the pony Luna realizes at the end what really matters in her life and what makes her happy.”

"David was very happy when he got the MINI POLIGLOTINI book. We had to read it to him constantly. He liked very much the board game at the end of the book."

Auntie of 6-year-old Rene

"As a foreign language teacher I think that the book is very rich in its content and design. Aside from the instructive and motivational story in three languages the book contains various interactive contents, through which children can enter easier and more in-depth into the world of fairytales and getting to know foreign languages."

Grandma of 5-year-old Juna

"The MINI POLIGLOTINI book is great. Wonderful, educational content, good and children friendly language, pleasing design and illustration. In short it’s particularly suited for creating and learning together with the children... Our granddaughter was very happy to receive the book. She immediately liked it and she took it in kindergarten. The book has been very well accepted there as well. The fairytale of Luna is one of the favorite books of your princess."

Hanna Cheda, mum of two multilingual boys and blogger

"MY DOG" is a simple and beautiful story about friendship. A perfect choice for families raising little polyglots. The book is written in simple language, so it can also be fun for children who do not feel very confident reading in their minority language. I'm really happy to have a story that the boys can read with me in English and with Papi in Spanish! The book comes with a board game and a memory game, which enables children to use new vocabulary learned from the book in a fun and engaging way.

Megi, auntie of 3-year-old Veronika

The book MY DOG impressed me very much. Mainly because it has educational content, is fun, and on the top of that it has wonderful illustrations and contains games. The book was for my niece, but I also read it myself few times. I think that every child should have the book MY DOG!

Majdi, mom 5-year-old boy

This book is a beautiful and educational gift for children. The story reaches to your heart! Children, dog lovers or those who grow up with dogs, will definitely take the book for theirs immediately and will never have enough of it!

Neli Mišvelj, early childhood educator and a mother of 2-year-old princess

Colorful and interesting illustrations encourage my daughter to describe what is the dog doing. Due to the adequate size and length of the book, she easily holds it and flips the pages. The book is really charming, homely and educational.

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