Praznujemo SVETOVNI DAN OTROŠKE KNJIGE - za nakup knjige ALOHA KAIMANA in podarimo ti knjigo MY DOG v vrednosti 14,99 EUR. Velja do 30.4.2020

About our books


Early language learning

Through fairytales we take your children into the world of languages. Scientific research proves that early learning of foreign languages stimulates brain functions in children and has many positive effects. Our books are carefully developed to encourage early language learning.


We carefully select illustrators, who turn our book characters alive and take children into the magical world of languages.

Learning through games

Children learn languages through board games and didactic material. Each MINI POLIGLOTINI book contains a unique board game, based on the fairytale.

Didactic value

MINI POLIGLOTINI books apps and games have an additional didactic value.


Each book is different and takes a new approach to early language learning. The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA was given the GOLDEN INNOVATION AWARD of The Slovenian Business and Research Association.

Developing imagination

Our books encourage the development of children’s imagination. Each language will contribute to experiencing the book in a different way.

For ages 2 to 10

We have developed different ways of using our books for various age groups.

For boys and girls

In our books, children of both genders appear and the fairytales are suitable for all children.

Dyslexia friendly

All books are designed in accordance with guidelines of the British Dyslexia Association.


The inspiration for MINI POLIGLOTINI fairytales comes from the family in which a brother and a sister make everyone around happy and from the need to use didactic books and games for raising bilingual and multilingual children.

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