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Success and dyslexia - different and above average

Created 5. Oct 2017
Blog   Dyslexia And Success

Did you know that dyslexia is also a gift!?! Exactly because the brains of the dyslexics work "a bit different", people with dyslexia have a "somewhat different way of thinking". And this can sometimes lead to exceptional discoveries, creations or artworks! Check out a list of 10-well-known people with dyslexia who are extremely successful in various fields ... either science, art or technology.

Albert Einstein - a scientist, a physicist, a Nobel laureate who set up a theory of relativity

Leonardo da Vinci - artist and innovator

Pablo Picasso - a painter who created cubism and left us over 120,000 outstanding works of art

Agatha Christie - a writer of detective crime, short stories and dramas, the best-selling author in the world

Hans Christian Anderson - a renowned writer for children and adults

Walt Disney - a man who is still the notion of an animated film for children

Steven Spielberg - director who created hundreds of outstanding film stories

Richard Branson - an entrepreneur and innovator who runs Virgin

Steve Jobs - visionary, inventor and founder of Apple

Salma Hayek - actress and Tom Cruise - actor


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Slika Mojca02

Mojca is versatile: researcher of the world, ecologist, PhD, polyglot, business woman, cynologist, wife and mother... above all she loves kids, dogs and the world of fairytale heroes. Mojca, a Fulbright Scholar and Alpine Space awarded young scientist, has dyslexia, but still loves to read and write. Spelling is still a challenge for Mojca. Beware of missing letters in this blog!

Mojca writes the blog on things she lives for: raising children, learning foreign languages, dogs, start-up and good books... things Mojca is really passionate about.


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