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Happy Holidays and my wishes for you

Created 25. Dec 2017
Happy Ny Nini 2018 New

It's nice to wish for others, things that we wish for ourselves the most. That's the only way to be honest... so I came up with 5 things I wish for:

I wish HEALTH for me and my family. And for all of you...

Without health everything else we have or accomplish feels less valuable.

I wish to feel JOY and that joy fills all the people I care about.

Joy is much better choice than happiness. Because one can never be always happy and because joy is a feeling we can simply feel by doing things we love or by spending time with people we love. And all of us can do that.

I wish to have WEALTH and that WEALTH comes to all my family and friends.

It's so much easier to feel joy when you don't have to stress with finding the ways to fill the wallet and other ways of paying the bills.

I wish to LOVE and to feel LOVED every single day of my life. I wish LOVE to spread around the world. Like ALOHA in Hawaii.

Love is one of the essential feelings we all strive for. Love makes things easier. Love makes miracles. Love creates life. Love has healing powers. Love fills us with joy. Love attracts wealth. And at the end we realize that life is all about LOVE. About loving and about being loved.

I wish to feel INNER PEACE. If more people would be able to find INNER PEACE our planet would be a better place to be. So I wish it for all others, as well.

Everyone who knows me in person knows I am always on the run. Mostly chasing my dreams and meanwhile chasing deadlines. (The irony is that I create these deadlines.) There's not much time to rest or be in peace. And that's what I am about to change. I wish to learn to calm down, to turn off my mind, to calm my body and simply just be... That's why I am looking forward to finding inner peace. Kung Fu Panda did it and he is much like me. So I believe I can do it as well.

These are my 5 wishes I came up with in December 2017. And I feel like wishing them to You as well. There is a saying "Be careful what you wish for". May all my wishes come true...

Aloha Mojca

Happy Mojca In Hawaii   Aloha

Happy Mojca In Hawaii Aloha

Slika Mojca02

Mojca is versatile: researcher of the world, ecologist, PhD, polyglot, business woman, cynologist, wife and mother... above all she loves kids, dogs and the world of fairytale heroes. Mojca, a Fulbright Scholar and Alpine Space awarded young scientist, has dyslexia, but still loves to read and write. Spelling is still a challenge for Mojca. Beware of missing letters in this blog!

Mojca writes the blog on things she lives for: raising children, learning foreign languages, dogs, start-up and good books... things Mojca is really passionate about.


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