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5 amazing vlogging mums that make me feel better

Created 21. Jun 2018
Blog   Mum Vlogs

I don't know any of these women personally, but they all somehow touched my life and they give me positive vibes when I needed them.

Sometimes they make my everyday look less bitter.

Sometimes they make me feel less alone, when I wonder why it's all on me.

Sometimes they make me feel accepted.

Sometimes they make me pee myself out of laughter.

Sometimes they motivate me.

Sometimes they inspire me.

Sometimes they make me say: "come on, stop exaggerating"!

But most importantly they always make me feel worth of being a mum and knowing I try my best in parenting. Meet my favorite 5 vlogging mums:

Mayim Bialik


The smartest and most multi-talented mum I ever came across. Mayam is a scientist, actor, activist and mum of 2 boys. Some of her vlogs made me reconsider my points of view, accept difference I always taught is “weird” and even cry. Sometimes I feel like she's my big sister I never had.

Mel Watts


Amazingly sincere and open mum who speaks about anxiety, depression and problems many mums hide in their own hearts and worlds. Mel is an amazing home-stay mum of 4 kids from Central Coast, Australia.

Sharny & Julius


Free minded parents of 6 kids from Australia that developed on-line fit programs for mums, dads and preggies. Currently traveling around the world with 5 kids and teaching them values of life.

Kristina Kuzmić


Once a refugee from Croatia, Kristina has built a career on mom-centric videos with cute and funny tips on how to juggle through life with kids. Motivating mum of 3 kids in California, USA.

Cat & Nat


Two best friends with 7 kids together, that managed to build an international business by fun vloging about the reality of being a mum. They are a hilarious social media sensation Cat & Nat, you will instatly love! Hometown Toronto.

Slika Mojca02

Mojca is versatile: researcher of the world, ecologist, PhD, polyglot, business woman, cynologist, wife and mother... above all she loves kids, dogs and the world of fairytale heroes. Mojca, a Fulbright Scholar and Alpine Space awarded young scientist, has dyslexia, but still loves to read and write. Spelling is still a challenge for Mojca. Beware of missing letters in this blog!

Mojca writes the blog on things she lives for: raising children, learning foreign languages, dogs, start-up and good books... things Mojca is really passionate about.


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